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Silver Package
Just like our Basic package our Silver package allows you to take advantage of your online lessons.  You can also take advantage of our certification program.  the certification program does have a small fee to cover the cost of the certificate and mailing test materials to you. After registering you will also receive our monthly tips news latter and have access to locksmith blog.    (To receive the certificate you will have to complete the written and hands on test.)
The silver package cost $100.  
The following items are included in the silver package:
Item       Description Quantity
 Practice lock  set of 5 1
6 piece file set 6 Piece file set 1
4 piece multi tool set 4 piece multi tool set 1
Cutaway lock Schlage SC4 keyway 1
Cutaway master keyed lock  1
  Plastic tipper tweezers  1
7 piece broker key extractor set  1
 Auto tension wrench  1

The  above items are the just the basic tools that you need to get started.  These tools are enough to get started. You will save about $130 over the retail price.