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Lesson 8 How to Pick A Pin Tumbler Lock.
In this lesson you will learn how to pick locks.  After you complete this lesson you will have the knowledge and skills to pick locks.  Use this skill in accordance with ethics you learned in lesson 4.

Pin tumbler locks are the most common residential and commercial locks.  Learning to pick these locks is essential for any locksmith.  There are two basic type of picks use for these locks.  First is the conventional pick set.  The second is a pick gun. 

You will first want to master using conventional lock picks before working with the pick gun.  Like all locksmith skills practice is the key.  Start off with easy locks then work you way up to more complicated.  

Once you have master conventional lock picks it is tome to learn the how to learn how to use a pick gun.  You will find this to be your favorite too.

The videos below will help you get started.  You will also want to get a set of practice locks.  You can get them at our store.
Pick guns are very easy to use.  Having one of these can even make a beginner look like a professional.  Just check out the video below.

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