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Lesson 20 Auto Lockout Tools.
When it comes to car opening tools there are 3 main manufactures. They are HPC, Access Tools, and ProLok. Any of the 3 brands will get the job done; however, High Tech is by far the most user friendly for one simple reason. They come with the documentation that detail the inner working of the door and methods of opening each car by model. The next best set is HPC. They offer a wide range of tools but you will need to buy separate manuals the get the information on the inner working of car doors. 

Personal Note:
My personal preference is Access tools.  I have had a set of their tools since I started my locksmith business in the 90's.  If you are an a budget I recommend their Emergency Response Kit.  If you are not on a budget I recommend their Super Pro Complete Set. Below is a link to their site:

            Access Tools

Now some advise on which set to buy. While there various sizes of sets buying the Access Tools top of the line set is your best bet. In the locksmith business you can go cheap on allot of different tool and products; however, when it come to you car opening tools that would be a big mistake. Having the right tool for the job is important. Their complete set will open almost every car out there is. If will only take a few time having to pass on a auto opening job to pay for the extra cost.

Below are some videos of some different car opening tools.

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