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Advanced Lesson 2 How to Re-Key IC Core Locks.
Re-keying IC core locks is a little more challenging. There are 2 different shear lines to re-key to. One for the user key and one for the control key. In addition to this there are different types of IC core locks LFIC and SFIC. Large format IC core locks can be re-keyed with standard re-keying tools and a universal pinning kit in most cases. However, small format IC core locks require a different set of tools and a separate pinning kit. The pins for a SFIC core are smaller than the standard .115 pin. These extra tools can be quite expensive as well.

Below you will see some videos on how to re-key both SFIC and LFIC. I would strongly encourage you to get some of these cylinders, used would be the cheapest, and practice working one them before you get in front of a customer. There is a whole different set of skills that you will have to develop to work on these. You should also consider the cost of the extra tools needed and compare it to the amount of work you will be doing to see if it is worth the investment.

Lastly there are allot of different manufactures of IC core cylinders and they try to be interchangeable but it is not always the case. I has been my experience to sick with one or two types to reduce the amount of inventory you have to carry.

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