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Lesson 11 Cylinder Removal.
In this lesson you will learn how to disassemble locks so that you can re-key them.    After completing this lesson you should be able to remove do locks and disassemble them to get them ready to re-kay.

One of the money makers for a locksmith is re-keying locks.  If you market you service correctly re-keying locks can be a consistent revenue for your business.

One thing to remind you customers is that if they move into a new house they do not know who has keys to their house unless they had it re-keyed themselves.

The first part to learning how to re-key a lock is learning how to remove the cylinder. 

There are so many different types of locks out there it is impossible to show them all here.  So we are showing some of the more common ones.  As with every other lessons the key to mastering this one is pactice.

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