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How much does a Locksmith Make

The rates of locksmiths vary throughout the country.  You will need to check the specific rates for you area.  However, we have the USA average rates listed below.  Please understand these are approximate USA average rates.  Your experience and the cost of living in your area will determine that the rates are in you area.
Labor Charges Auto Locks
Service Call $64.00 Fit Std. US Ign Key $52.00
Hourly Rate $60.00 Fit GM Vats Key $83.00
Auto Opening Call $66.00 Fit Foreign Ign Key $80.00
Key Duplication Fit Transponder Key  $90.00
American Single Cut $2.45 Fit Sidewinder Key $120.00
American Double Cut $2.35 Rekey Door/Trunk Key $28.00
Foreign Single Cut Fit Motorcycle Key $80.00
Foreign Double Cut $5.50 Re-Key Cylinder
Sidewinder Auto Key $58.00 Key-in-knob $14.00
Transponder Key $65.00 Rim / Mortise  $9.00
Flat Steel $6.00 Set To MK system $16.00
Tubular Key  $7.00 High Security $18.00
Bit Key $10.00 Pick/Shim Cyl. Open $5.00
Safe Deposit Key $7.00 Best $16.00
High Security Key  $14.00 Safe Deposit $15.00
Best/Falcon Key $5.00 Tubular $17.00
Key From Broken Sample $8.00 Fitting First Key
Keys By Code By Impression $33.00
American Single Cut $12.00 By Reading $32.00
American Double Cut $16.00
Foreign Single Cut $15.00
Foreign Sidewinder $55.00
Suitcase $6.00
Tubular $25.00
Motorcycle $18.00