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Lesson 3 The Tools of a Locksmith.
In this lesson you will learn about the tools that locksmith use.  After completing this lesson you should be able to determine what types of tools that you will need in you business.

There are a wide range of tools hat you will use as a locksmith. As a matter of fact it is easy to go broke buying new tools.  There is always another tools that will make the next job easier or one that you will need sometime in the future.

As a general rule of  thumb if you are just starting out do yourself a favor and don't open up the locksmith tool catalog and order one of everything.  You will be sorry if you do. 

In this lesson we will be showing you various tools of the trade. There is also a list of recommended to start out with.  Once you get started you will learn what new tools to buy.  There is always more than one way to accomplish a job and there is always more than one tool that can get the job done. 

For example a if you are doing allot of automotive work you will probably be making allot of keys from scratch.  There are several different tools that can do this and the cost vary.  See the chart below:
Tool Cost new Cost used
Foley Bel-saw Key machine $480 $200
A-1 Pak-A-Punch key punch set $1800 $1250
HPC Blitz code machine $2700 $1200

           (Note:  the above prices are approximations)         
While the names of the tools above might not mean much to you now with you need to be concerned with is the difference in price.  The least expensive tool in this case is the best option to start with because it can do multiple jobs which in turn saves you on start up cost.

If start up cost is not a concern for you then give us a call and we will be happy to supply you with a nice to have list of tools and where to get hem.

So on with the lesson.  Watch the short video below to get a general idea of the basic tools used by a locksmith. Just below the video there are pictures and descriptions of many other tools used by locksmiths and a list of recommended tools for starting your business.
Below are a various tools used in the locksmith trade.  You can buy allot of these at our online store.  Click here to go to the store.
locksmith tools Lock disassembly and re-keying tool kit.

Lock picks to open locks.
Key gauge to determine depths of cuts on keys.
Locksmith inspection light used in  opening cars and safes.
Locksmith hammer.  various uses including bumping locks.
Nylon pry-bay set for opening cars.
Automobile door panel removal set.
Heavy duty automobile door panel removal set.
Plug spinner.  Used to spin locks that where picked in the wrong direction.
Broker key extraction kit.
Locksmith multi tool set.  Various uses including lock disassembly.
Depth and space keys.
Tubular lock pick
Metal stamp kit.  Used to mark keys.
Key check.  Used to identify correct key blank for duplication.
If you are looking for some of the above tools you can find them at:  www.cutawaylocks4u.com. 

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